Terms & Conditions

1. General terms of use
1.1 The data of Beamrz
Beamrz is part of GetYouThere B.V. with limited liability and registered trade Beamrz, established in Eindhoven to address Kastanjelaan 400, 5616 LZ Eindhoven. You can reach Beamrz via email support@beamrz.com.

1.2 Our appointments
These conditions associated with the use of Beamrz. If you download and install our mobile application (“Application”), you thus indicate that you agree with these terms and all applicable therein rights and obligations as an agreement between you and Beamrz B.V. (Beamrz, “” we, “” us “or” our “). No user has the right to accept only part of the conditions. All members agree to follow the terms of the Charter of Good Conduct and accept that their personal data may be processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Beamrz is an Eindhoven company that you use the Beamrz application, website and technology platform (collectively, the “Beamrz Platform) controls. At any use of the App and our services, these conditions apply. If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement then there is no use or access possible to the Beamrz Platforms and Services. You can read the conditions still further in the app or on our website.

1.3 The Role of Beamrz
The Beamrz Platform represents a market place available in which people seeking transport (“Travelers”) are linked to ‘Drivers’. Drivers and passengers are collectively referred to as “Users” and each user must register before using the Beamrz Platform. A traveler is using the platform as a customer Beamrz brought into contact with a driver. The Beamrz Platform gives the user information. Beamrz itself is not a carrier and does not cause itself for transport; Beamrz acts through offering its app as an intermediary to bring Travelers in contact with Directors. In addition, we provide a number of services including the receipt of payments on behalf of the Directors on behalf of the Directors. For any complaints about the performance of the ride and the payment thereof Users may also contact us. Depending on the content of the complaint, it will be solved by us, or we will resolve the complaint in consultation with the parties concerned. The latter will happen if the complaint relates to the export drive. For payment processing, we work with a third party (see below Payment transport “and” Payment Processor “). In this capacity, we are involved in the transport.

The transport is performed by third parties. The contract of carriage is a Traveller himself with the Directors. Beamrz is no agreement with Travellers for performing transport and has no involvement in the actual implementation of the contract of carriage, excluding the processing of the payment and the handling of complaints.

The App offers users the ability to conclude this contract of carriage. The Services Beamrz to keep offering users in the Traveller through our app can come into contact with Directors and vice versa. The agreement comes on the user us relates to the use of our App, the information and services we make available, the handling of the payment of the trip on behalf of the Director and the complaint on behalf of and in consultation with the Directors concerned .

1.4 Conclusion Of Use Beamrz Platform
It is only possible from the platform Beamrz to use if you are registered. Registration will take place in three steps:

1 After downloading and installing the app you give through the App the following information to us in order to access your personal account:
• Your personal information such as name, surname and email;
• a photo (optional).

2 From the moment you step 1 are met, you go into an agreement ( “Agreement”) with us for use of our services Beamrz Platform. Confirming the agreement that we conclude with you, we will send you the email address that you have given a welcome and confirmation.

3 You confirm that it is in step 1 email address of yours, by clicking on the link in the welcome email.

Ordering of transport is only possible if you have fulfilled all three steps and have given us permission to send you push notifications and to use the GPS receiver of your phone.

In your personal account within the app Enter your phone number and, if required credit card information. Beamrz uses in addition to the credit card also iDeal as payment. This allows you to, in addition to pay per ride, buy a mobility beam (credit) (upgrade) that allows you to travel more often. Here are asked to self if you try to book your first journey. For further details see “Payments”.

You can as a user of the app in the app or log on to the website as a Director. In your personal account, run the registration details of the vehicle you use. This badge we need to indicate to the traveler with any vehicle he / she can ride. In addition, you enter your bank account information in your profile. This we need to make the fee to about.
Beamrz keep as compensation for the brokerage per transaction booking contribution. Beamrz pay them its services and use it to invest in further optimizing the operation of the Beamrz Platform and its Services. This is further explained under the heading “Agency fee platform.

1.5 Age
If you want to use the App and our Services, you must be 18 years or older. Through your registration with us, you also declare to be 18 years or older. We must verify your age. If your age does not correspond to the reporting by your age, we reserve the right to block your personal account and to terminate the contract with you.

2. Services Beamrz Platform
Through the Beamrz Platform, we make information available to you. This information shall relate in particular to transport guests may request and ordered via the App at Directors. The information we provide and we also process down payment and we handle complaints. This package is part of our service to the user ( “Services”).

We want you like to point out that we only Beamrz platform and establish our services available to the user. The contract of carriage entered into by the Directors and shall also carry out transportation for the traveler. And our duty is an obligation to make best use Users make of answering the Beamrz Platform, questions and complaints (in consultation with the Director) and provide the user with the right information. The Beamrz Platform is strictly limited to provide a service for Directors and Travelers. The transport service is provided by private persons and should not be used to provide a profitable ride or accept either a commercial or professional context.

2.1 Changes
We reserve the right to modify the app, website, these terms and our services. We will inform you in due time of a change through the App or in any other appropriate manner. Of course you have in that case the right to terminate the agreement.

3. How to use the Application
The moment you want to book or to offer a ride through the App you must be fully registered with us (see the section “Establishment Agreement”).
To take advantage of the view ride offer “functionality you will need also to allow us to send you push notifications through the app. The push messages are required for the proper functioning of the App. Without this permission, it is not possible to book a ride.

We’ll also ask permission to use the GPS receiver of your mobile phone. This is necessary in order to determine the exact pick-up location.
Through the app, you can both your desired departure / pick-up location indicate the final destination. In addition, the user can control the number of passengers who will make use of the drive, or may be included in the vehicle to enter. Travel with more than 4 passengers is not possible.

As a user you can indicate in the app if you want to act as a Director by signing on as ‘Driver’. As Director can indicate the App when you are available for Travellers by activating the driver status and fill in the ritbestemming.

User can during the ordering of transport entering or availability also indicate how flexible he / she is in terms of departure and arrival; scheduled transportation. The user can see all the cost / income of the ride before the match is actually placed, because the rates of the Director are based only on the number of people and driving kilometers by the shortest route.

The trip request from the Voyager includes pick-up location, destination, traveling time, fare and first name and photograph of the traveler and is transmitted via the App to registered with us Directors who are entirely free to accept the request through the App or reject. If the driver accepts the ride, the traveler receives in addition to the well known travel details for the name and photo of the Director. At the time both the Driver and the Passenger have accepted each other, the traveler receives (in addition to the costs that we have shown you earlier in the booking process knowledge) through our app the following information:

• brand / model / color car
• badge
• number of the Director
• estimated pick up time

The driver receives at that time with the following information:

• number of the Traveller
• roadmap to the pick-up location of the Traveller

The drive can only be definitively made in sufficient travels well so we know that the requested fare will be paid. The Voyager This credit can then pay per ride (ad hoc) or periodically as deposit larger amount (OV-Chip thought). After completion of the journey, the costs of traveling fare well be charged (see below: Payment Transportation.

Part of our services is that we do our utmost through the App to search for the best available driver. This game is totally random. No preference can be specified for a particular driver. We can not guarantee that a request for transport can always be accepted (direct). We are merely an intermediary and are in no way involved in the execution of transport. This is the Director. We therefore have no impact on the acceptance by Directors. If no driver accepts the request, the Voyager gets that reported through the App.

Through the app, the Voyager after acceptance of the ride through the Director, real-time where the vehicle is located. Driver receives a route including travel time where the traveler is located. Upon arrival of the vehicle at the specified pick-up location the traveler receives a push notification. It is the responsibility of the traveler to get up on time at the agreed pick-up location. Users can contact by phone with each other through the telephone numbers listed in the App.

Booking is for both the driver and the traveler personally. The identity of the driver and the traveler must match the identity as expressed by both the Beamrz Platform. The User is entitled to cancel the trip if the identity of the driver or the Traveller does not correspond with what is stated on the website. During the ride is visible route and final destination in the App.

Because the users have taken into account the agreed ride and to compensate if necessary. nuisance brings Beamrz a cancellation penalty in case of cancellation fee. For more details Payments, Cancellation Penalty.

Driver is obliged to:
• to carry out the drive according to the arranged trip data (date, time, pick-up location, destination and vehicle). Users may decide in consultation to deviate. This does not affect the fare shown on the match.
• turn up on time and at the agreed location at the specified car.
• to bring the traveler immediately of any change with regard to the ride. If a passenger does not accept the amendment, which is entitled to a full refund has without having the driver owed compensation.
• at all times adhere to the code itself.
• Wait at least five minutes after the time agreed at the meeting place on the passenger (however, we expect that the passenger is punctually)

3.1 Mobile device and version
The Beamrz App can be used with iOS and Android mobile phone. The iOS app supports iOS versions from 8.0. The Android App supports Android versions from 4.4.0. It is your responsibility to have the correct version of the software and download the app. We do not guarantee the proper functioning of the App on your mobile phone and are not liable in the event the App unexpected functions temporarily or for longer periods (good).

3.2. Correct Use and Application Services
By agreeing to these terms make us some arrangements about your registration to the Beamrz Platform and its use by you. It concerns the following agreements and rules that you must abide by:

• We ask you to enter your correct and complete information when registering. It is only allowed to create an account for yourself. We may check the accuracy of the data entered by you. If we so request, you are obliged to hand us a proof of your identity;
• The Beamrz platform and our services may only be used by you personally and your personal account may not be transferred to others. Your account is only intended for personal use and is not for commercial purposes (including also by sales mean) are used;
• When you ride a book that you have to be part of the group that carried by the driver via our app and our services;
• We ask you to keep your password at any time confidential. Should there be abuse of your account by others, we ask you as soon as possible after you give us discovered this through;
• The use of the Beamrz platform and our services must not cause nuisance or annoyance to others by you;
• Your personal account may only be used in accordance with the law. This means, that these should not be used for unlawful purposes and / or purposes that are contrary to public policy, such as fraud;
• Because you may not be carried out actions or behaviors that bring the functionality of the platform Beamrz damage (can);
• Because you may not be performed acts or conduct us or bring (to) Services offered by us damage;
• The App can only be used by you on a cell phone that is suitable for that purpose;
• You may bring one piece of luggage if it is up to 47x73x34cm. Should you wish to carry more baggage, then for one additional person;
• The Beamrz Platform and associated intellectual property rights belong to us. We ask you to respect these rights. Because of you not carry out any act or conduct which infringes on those rights can be created. It is prohibited to copy or distribute (the contents of) the Beamrz Platform;
• We expect you to stick to the laws applicable in the country or state where the Beamrz Platform is used by you, such as having a liability insurance.

By offering your services as Directors confirm that:
• You are in the process of a valid license and medical are able to drive a vehicle.
• You are owner or legitimate user of the vehicle with which you perform the transport and that the vehicle is APK approved.
• You do not take more passengers than what provides the number of seats of the car.
• You are in the process of a valid, active car insurance.
• You are responsible for any liability arising from the performance of your transport service, including, but not limited to, personal injury, death and other material damage
• You can not, or any manner whatsoever shall discriminatory conduct or outlets towards other users of the Beamrz Platform.

If you, as a user does not comply with one or more of the here not respected we have above mentioned commitments or other agreements relating to the use by you of the Beamrz Platform or otherwise act in such a way that in our eyes contrary to public order or in any other way that our interests or harm others, we may:
• the use of the platform by end Beamrz you temporarily or permanently;
• the agreement we have with you discontinue the use of the Beamrz Platform with immediate effect;
• suspend our services, which among other things means that we will not provide you more information.

If we use the right to terminate or suspend, than there is for you no right to compensation for any damages or costs.

3.3 Disposal personal account by Beamrz
We have the right to terminate your personal Beamrz account if you do not keep to the agreements we have made with you about using the Beamrz Platform as described in these conditions.

If we decide to terminate your personal account, this has some consequences for you:
• Your personal account will be deactivated, your password will be deactivated and you will no longer have access to your personal environment in Beamrz Platform;
• Do not transport can be ordered through your personal account;
• There is no right for you to compensation for damages or costs.

3.4 Remove personal account by user
If you want to remove your personal account, you can instruct us to do so by emailing your request to support@beamrz.com. If you decide to remove your personal account, then you are still obliged to meet your obligations related to already booked rides.

4. Payments
4.1 Use Application
Using our Beamrz Platform is free. We have the right to decide in the future to charge a fee to you for the use of the App. We will provide you in good time and first informing. You can at that time be able to remove the App and to terminate the contract with us.

You can using a iDeal transaction deposit a travel credit on your personal profile. This may per trip, or in the form of a larger credit from which you can then also travel more often. You can also activate your card. The credit card information is encrypted and sent to our payment service provider. To validate your credit card information, we will book EUR 1.00. This reservation expires after seven days without us actually depreciate slightly. We store credit card data itself anywhere, not even in the App. We can retrieve and store only the payment last four digits and expiration date of your credit card.

All funds received under these conditions Beamrz be managed in a separate bank account and personal travel credit [with Adyen] in favor of the User, until they are to be paid to the Director or Beamrz due enjoyed a ride. Each payment order by a user in accordance with these terms and conditions shall be final and shall be implemented by the bank.
Users vote and agree that no interest will be paid on the funds that are kept separate deposit account.
To minimize the effects of credit card fraud and to prevent money laundering, vote the User and agree that at the request of Beamrz and, more generally, any competent judicial or administrative authority any information necessary to make available to establish their identity , including any proof of identity and address. If an immediate response to such requests fails, the User agree that Beamrz is entitled to take all steps it deems appropriate, including the freezing of payments to be made under such conditions and / or suspension of services.
No payment will be made to a Director of a bank number that is not under his or her name is opened.

4.2 Payment fare Traveler
By agreeing to these terms, you agree that for all transport services that you purchase through the App, have to pay. The Traveler pays the agreed journey before arriving to create a temporary travel credit. We pay the cost of the ride in our turn again by the Directors from that travels well. By accepting these terms, you consent and agree that we may the fee payable by you for a ride (to) debit traveling well. By accepting our terms you agree also with the terms of Adyen, our payment service provider.

Your ritgeschiedenis and payment status you can look back into your personal account in the app or website. After each payment you will receive an invoice by email. After each ride, you get the ritdetails by email. For any questions or complaints regarding (processing) your payment you can contact our customer support via support@beamrz.com.

4.3 Receipt fare Director
Driver receives immediately after termination of the journey the agreed fare minus the handling fees of Beamrz his / her travels well. Cash payments are strictly prohibited.

Mediation costs 4.4 platform
In exchange for being active on the Beamrz Platform as Director Beamrz keeps track of the payment of the fare of the Travellers to the Directors a percentage as compensation for the mediation; the so-called. Matchingsfee. This matchingsfee is 10% incl. VAT of the total fare. This matchingsfee Beamrz finances include the further development and optimization of its Beamrz Platform. In addition, these revenues are used for marketing, public user fees such as insurance and the internal organization.

4.5 Reclaiming payments and record travels well
Payments are immediately after completion of the final drive process of traveling well. It is not possible to recover trips already paid. This ‘no refund’ policy applies at all times whether you decide to terminate the use of the Beamrz Platform or for any reason whatsoever.
A user may at any time his / her outstanding record travels well. Here, sit booking fee attached.

4.6 Cancellation Penalty
If the User (Traveller and Director) over 2 hours cancel before the scheduled departure time, the other party that shall receive no compensation.

If the User cancels within 2 hours before the scheduled departure time and the agreed fare is booked for more than five minutes ago, you agree to pay a cancellation penalty to the other party. This amounts to 50% (fifty percent) of the respective fare minus the mediation contribution.

If the User or cancel after the agreed departure time, or if the Director or Traveler is not present within five minutes after the agreed departure time at the collection point, you agree to pay a cancellation penalty to the other party amounting to 100% of the on fare, minus the brokerage fee.

We may also impose a cancellation penalty to a user if we suspect that you cancel this awareness rides to frustrate the Beamrz Platform. You are giving permission that we can settle this cancellation penalty available with your travel credit.

4.7 Payment Processor
The payment processing is performed by Adyen, a third party with whom we work ( “Payment Processor”). The payment processor uses its own conditions and privacy policy that appointments are related to the processing of your payments. These conditions are in addition to our terms and conditions applicable to the processing of your payment to us. We are not responsible for any errors or acts of the Payment Processor and / or error of your own credit card company in the processing of your payments.

4.8 Promotions
Only Beamrz can activate promotions for users of the Beamrz Platform. These promotions do not affect the Agreement on the use of the Beamrz platform and the underlying terms and conditions.

5. Privacy
By downloading and installing the app and acceptance of these conditions, we also have the information agreements with each other that we collect from you, storing and processing. We do this in accordance with our privacy policy ( “Privacy Policy”).
Beamrz provides as part of the agreement it has with the Directors in administration including history to meet ritstaatverplichting and customer administration processing goals. It is the Director responsible for her own treatment goals and Beamrz responsible for the processing of information by us in connection with the execution of the agreement, with groups concerned passenger and driver. We provide your personal information beyond what is required to perform this service and perform your drive through the driver never to a third party. Management reports and anonymous usage statistics can be shared with our stakeholders. The Privacy Statement can be found in the App and Beamrz.com/privacy.

6. Feedback
We would appreciate if you leave feedback, comments or suggestions about the Beamrz Platform and the services and information we provide to you. You can do this best by leaving your feedback to us via the feedback option in the app menu or on the website. You can also reach us at support@Beamrz.com. We will use this feedback to optimize our Beamrz platform and our services.

In addition to feedback to us, can Users (just like your fellow travelers who have booked a trip) also provide feedback to each other on the implementation of the ride. This can be done through the App after the execution of the ride. The agreements that we have about this with you, you can be found in the Privacy Policy and the provisions on licensing and copyright. Our privacy policy is included in a separate document. The provisions on licensing and copyright can be found later in these conditions again.

You are solely responsible for the content of your feedback and your interaction with other users of the Beamrz platform and our services. We ask you to carefully deal with the feedback capabilities and interact with other users of the App. We check the content of the feedback. We are not responsible for the
and communication of the users of the app’s behavior. However, we are empowered to attach consequences to inappropriate behavior of a user. This may mean that your personal account will be locked if we feel that this is appropriate.

7. Safeguard
By agreeing to these terms you indemnify us and our associated companies, including our licensors for any claims of other (legal) persons that relate to:
• the use by you of our app and / or our services, which we also mean communication by you with other users;
• breach by you of the rights of others, which we also mean the Director and the licensor;
• breach by you of the rules that apply to our agreement and / or breach by you of any obligation under these conditions.

Among claims we mean a claim for damages and / or costs and / or expenses which are also included legal fees.

8. Insurance
Driver agrees and makes every effort to take out insurance that covers the ride. Driver agrees to submit all evidence of the complete validity of his or her insurance policy to the Passenger before the ride, as the latter demands. The Passenger shall at all times have the right to ask the insurance of the driver’s certificate of registration of the vehicle, driving license and certificate.
For more information on insurance, click here.
It is the responsibility of each Director and Voyager to confirm that the driver has a valid insurance. Driver to confirm that his or her insurance policy allows to transport travelers and that his or her insurance policy all travelers and all accidents or incidents that may occur, covered during the ride.

9. Liability Beamrz
9.1 Content Application Services and Information
Unless law decides otherwise we are not liable for any form of damages; direct, indirect, special, incidental and / or sequentially (including but not limited to physical injury, death and / or emotional harm) caused by contact with other users of the Beamrz platform, whether employees or representatives are familiar with the data this damage may possibly occur.