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We believe in making people’s lives easier and more fun, contributing to a healthier life on a sustainable planet along the way.

We innovate and facilitate the freedom of daily travel. By putting the end user in the center of our development on relevant needs not on transportation assets.

Our platform is open for all mobility providers and unlocks easy access to all means of transport for an agile and fast growing mobility ecosystem.

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  • Tim Slot
    Tim Slot Lead Developer
  • Sebas Kosterman
    Sebas Kosterman Designer / Frontend Developer
  • Juan Jose Bernal
    Juan Jose Bernal Frontend Developer
  • Nicky Romeijn
    Nicky Romeijn Frontend Developer
  • Yvonne van Laarhoven
    Yvonne van Laarhoven Product Owner
  • Alex Marton
    Alex Marton Backend Developer
  • Eric Diks
    Eric Diks CFO
  • Britt van den Heuvel
    Britt van den Heuvel Marketeer
  • Bob Nieme
    Bob Nieme CTO
  • Maarten Neeskens
    Maarten Neeskens Founder and CXO
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