Easy and enjoyable traveling


Save money

Leave your car at home and ride along with someone else. Or take someone along in your car.


Easy and enjoyable

Request and offer your rides real-time at any moment in the free app. Travel with colleagues, friends or meet new people.



Travel safely in the Beamrz community. We respect your privacy.

How it works?

Beamrz provides access to all forms of road transport: by car, train, bus, taxi, bike and scooter. Beamrz starts with ridesharing. You can use Beamrz for your daily rides. Just enter your destination and we’ll search for a match.

Offer ride

  • Enter destination
  • Take someone along
  • Enjoy the ride
  • Receive credits

Find a ride

  • Enter destination
  • Wait for and accept a driver
  • Enjoy the ride
  • Pay credits and enter a review

Bicycles will be available soon.

Interested in offering your bicycle fleet? Please contact us.

 Cars will be available soon.

Interested in offering your car fleet? Please contact us.

Public transport will be added soon.


I live in the city center and for me owning a car is waste of time, space and money. Since I use Beamrz for ride sharing, I don’t feel limited anymore in getting where I need to go!

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I use Beamrz for taking colleagues with me, which makes my rides more enjoyable and  saves me a lot of time since we have meetings while commuting.

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